Creative Visual Design Expertise
Skilled in developing visual solutions for digital, print, mobile, web, and motion design. I use design principles to develop visual designs that are timeless, and satisfy the user experience. I’m well versed in the design theory and the principle of typography, space, proportions, motion, usability, and composition. I have a solid understanding of web and mobile technologies and can proficiently meet all visual design requirements. Additionally, I have a strong understanding of data analytics and the use of data visualization to tell the necessary story. Coming from a  multicultural background, enables me to create visual designs for positive impact on an international audience and provides broader insights into worldwide design trends. 
Software Proficiency  
Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Bridge, Muse, Lightroom, Media Encoder, Acrobat, Audition - Microsoft Office 365: Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, CRM - Prezi, Click Dimensions, MailChimp
Visual Design Work Experience
Marketing Specialist and Visual Designer | PacLease | Bellevue, WA | October 2016 – Present
Established the creative direction for PacLease visual communications and media resulting in a unified brand message that is professional and visually appealing.
Having established a new creative direction, I took the initiative to redesign our promotional materials, marketing collateral, presentation layouts, and the like to further establish our brand in the marketplace and create a standard brand message for our franchise network.
Lead the creative process and managed the successful launch of the redesigned company website:; increasing traffic to the site, raising the awareness of company products and services, which resulted in increased lead generation.
Partnered with FedEx Office to launch a print online portal to give the company franchises easy access to customize marketing materials while keeping consistent brand message and visual design.
Established partnership with new vendor to build and launch a new ecommerce solution for branded merchandise, which resulted in decreased overhead, improved user experience, simplified accounting process, and a fresh merchandise collection.
Directed and produced a selection of promotional videos for PacLease, in order to increase brand awareness and build a content library for expanded online presence and social media marketing.
Support the marketing team in strategizing, developing, and executing marketing initiatives using email, social media, and training programs which raised our brand awareness and saw an increase in lead generation.
Support marketing efforts through coordinating trade show and company events, making sure our company representatives have ample giveaways, requisite marketing collateral, and appropriate signage.
Senior Visual Designer | PACCAR Inc | Bellevue, WA | November 2011 – October 2016
Worked directly with senior executives to design story driven presentations with a clear message that resulted in new multi-national business developments and opportunities.
Crafted creative visual content (infographics, videos, motion graphics, and photography) for senior management presentations that supported the story and drove the message of the presenter.
Catalyzed the redesign of the corporate magazine to create a visually modern and appealing periodical.
Conceptualized the user interface for our PACCAR Financial mobile and web apps which helped gain funding for the projects.
Implemented and operate the corporate photography allowing creative control of the photography and saving the company $25,000 annually.
Managed supply procurement and print production resulting in quality and on time deliverables for company events.
Collaborated with internal teams to deliver impressive visual designs for company events resulting in increased employee participation and appreciation.
Using human centered design principles, crafted effectual designs for the needs of my clients. This enabled effective communication, trust and rapport with my clientele.
Graphic Designer & Photographer | Palanquin Tours |Bhuj, Kutch, India | Jun 2011 – Aug 2011
Created promotional videos and materials for Palanquin Tours to increase tourist awareness and interest in the region.
Researched the cultural art styles and crafts native to the region of Kutch to design effective marketing ideas for promoting travel to the Kutch.
Filmed numerous interviews with locals for use in the promotional video while establishing relationships with local interests.
Built a library of stock video and photography content for use in future marketing activities.
Signs & Graphics Specialist and Lead Project Coordinator| FedEx Office | Tacoma, WA | Aug 2009 – Jun 2011
Managed a team of specialists to produce high quality print and signage projects resulting in repeat business, customer trust, and increased earning.
Navigated tight project deadlines to deliver successful outcomes to satisfied clients while staying on budget.
Consulted with store clients to create personalized visual designs improving upselling opportunities resulting in increased revenue. 
Successfully managed the signs and graphics department increasing efficiency, uptime, and customer satisfaction while decreasing turnaround times and waste.
Crafted creative briefs to effectively communicate customer requirements to my team to enhance project quality.
Senior Center Specialist | FedEx Kinko’s | Auburn, WA | Dec 2006 – Aug 2009
Consulted customers to create correct work orders and design briefs
Managed print production and coordination
Created visual designs for print media according to client requirements
Freelance & Pro Bono
Visual Designer & Video Producer | LAM Legacy | Johannesburg, S. Africa | June 2016 – Present
Video Producer | YFC | Seattle, WA | January 2015 – May 2016
Graphic Designer | SOMA Tacoma | Tacoma, WA | March 2014 – June 201
Graphic Designer | Needs Met | Spokane, WA | Nov 2013 -Present
Web / User Interface / Graphic Designer | Crossroads CareerNetwork | Spokane, WA | Sep 2013 – Dec 2015
Graphic Designer | Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission | Seattle,WA | Sep 2011 – Jan 2015
Graphic Designer | Michael Smith Sr. Training &Development | Kent, WA | Jun 2009 – Jun 2011
Graphic Designer | Pierce County Message Magazine | Tacoma,WA | Jan 2009 – Nov 2009
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Visual Communication | International Academy of Design & Technology | Seattle,WA | Sep 2006
Associate of Arts & Sciences | Tacoma Community College | Tacoma, WA | Sep 2004
Designed a book titled "Coffee and Orange Blossoms: 7 Years & 15 Days in Tyre, Lebanon" for a friend of mine. Laid out the typography, designed the cover in collaboration with the author, completely formatted and prepped for printing, and created a digital version for digital publishing on Amazon. Book can be found here: Amazon
Produced a PacLease promotional video: wrote the script, edited the video, coordinated the talent to record the voice over, and designed the video graphics. View the video on the PacLease YouTube channel.
Shot and edited a video for a friend of mine who lives and works as a church planter in Japan. Check out the video.
Learned Microsoft CRM and Click Dimensions to design and send out regular newsletters and email promotions. 
Influenced the UI/UX design of PacLease's new rental management system: RPS. 
Redesigned the PacLease business cards, keeping within brand guidelines while giving the business cards a modern and timeless look.
High level of conceptualization and ability to develop visual concepts.
Capable in idea generation and the creative development process.
Multi-lingual; fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English.
High degree of empathy; growing up in a multi-cultural environment, I'm able to quickly gain insight and understanding of other cultures and ways of communication. Which also allows me to develop marketing strategies for targeted demographics  around the world.
Highly capable in photography and video production. Have a good understanding of work flow and production process.
I posses a good understanding of HTML and CSS and am able to make edits and changes when necessary.
Capable of motion graphic design. 
Basic understanding of 3D design; able to produce and incorporate 3d graphics using Photoshop, SketchUp, and Rhino 3D. 
I'm also capable in woodworking, and able to design and produce small and large wood and mixed media projects.
Have an understanding of automotive mechanics and have successfully completed an engine swap.
Have a good understanding of various CMS's, notably WordPress and Umbraco. 
Outdoor adventuring: hiking, snowboarding, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, mountain biking, and camping. Love to do it all at varying degrees of intensity.
Weight lifting and working out - I'm in the gym at least four times a week.
Woodworking - I have built a modern style queen sized bed with a recessed mattress.
Automotive - whether it's tinkering, repairing, or just reading about cars, they excite me.
Travel - Many say they love traveling, but I put a twist on my trips by connecting with missionaries or NGO's overseas and collaborate on design and media projects.
Community service - my community group regularly participates in charity events. In addition to that, I have worked with numerous non-profits and charities by donating my time to work on creative projects.

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